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Solar Panel Bird Proofing

We invented solar panel bird proofing, have the most experience, and do the best work. Get the best humane solar panel pest proofing for less guaranteed, plus enjoy exclusive solar panel pest-proofing benefits and get treated like royalty.

Free 10yr Warranty  –  Nationwide  –  Best Price Promise

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Why Get Solar Panels Pest Proofed?

Stop Pigeons Nesting Under Solar Panels

Solar panel bird proofing rids the annoying, filthy, noisy, rapidly-breeding infestation of all pests from your property.

Protect Your Solar Panel Investment

Over time, pests such as pigeons under solar panels will cause damage to your solar panels, it is vital to act quickly.

Nearly-Invisible Solar Panel Protection

Your pigeon proofed solar panels will look a lot better than your pigeon infested ones. See examples for yourself here.

The pigeon under your solar panels is no more!

Why Go Direct?

Get the best for less

We Started It

We Started It

We started the industry and have learned a ton of secret techniques since our first solar panel pigeon proofing job.

We're Fully Qualified

We're Fully Qualified

All our team members are fully trained and qualified to work on roofs, with solar panels and in pest control.

There's No Hidden Fees

There's No Hidden Fees

Unlike some copycat companies, what we quote is what you pay. Our costs are transparent and fair to our customers.

We Work Nationwide

We Work Nationwide

We are based in the Midlands and have offices around England, Scotland and Wales so we are always nearby.

We're Constantly Improving

We're Constantly Improving

We’re committed to implementing feedback and use your advice to become the best solar panel pigeon proofers.

You Get Treated Like Royalty

You Get Treated Like Royalty

We treat each customer with great care and attention from the moment you contact us to the end of the project.

You Get A Free 10 Year Warranty

You Get A Free 10 Year Warranty

We are so confident at solar panel bird proofing that if any reinvade within 10 years, we’ll return and fix it for free.

We're Part Of FM Solutions Group

We're Part Of FM Solutions Group

As a member of one of the UK’s most trusted facilities management groups, our work is to the highest standard.

Benefit From Our One Stop Shop

Benefit From Our One Stop Shop

Get solar panel pigeon proofing, installation, cleaning, maintenance and other services from one company.

Get It When You Want It

Get It When You Want It

Pick the date and time that suits you and our professionals will fit the work in around your life, for minimal intrusion.

We Use Humane Techniques

We Use Humane Techniques

Unlike some copycat companies, our experts safely remove pests out and never use bird spikes to kill birds on your roof.

We Promise You The Best Price

We Promise You The Best Price

If you’ve been quoted for the work, but want our exclusive benefits, tap here to contact us and we’ll beat their price.

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Panel Bird Proofing

How To Pigeon Proof Solar Panels in 4 easy steps



Browse this site to learn why solar panel bird proofing is important and decide what package you want.

Pest proofing solar panels yourself is dangerous for both you and your solar panels, we advise against DIY.



Get in touch with our friendly team of experts by calling 0800 088 6392 or using the contact form below.

All our offices share the same contact information and are open 7 days a week, except some holidays.



We quote the cheapest price possible for your solar set up. When you agree we then set a convenient install time.

We don’t need access to your home, just your roof, so we can complete this work while you are away.


Finally, you are free of the pigeons nesting under your solar panels. Enjoy your newfound peace.

Pests may try to return, but will move on. If reinvaded within 10 years, we return and fix the problem for free.

How We’ve Helped

Here are a few recent reviews of our professional solar panel bird proofing work. You can read more on the reviews page.

How Much Does Solar Panel Bird Proofing Cost?

Below are examples of common packages, so you can get an idea of what pigeon proofing costs. These prices are based on roof access without scaffolding, we can also provide scaffolding and have pigeon proofed solar panels on all heights and styles of roof. We will beat the price quoted by any other company.


The low-cost package

Fully qualified team

All pests, nests etc removed

Pest & pigeon guards installed

10 Yr part and labour warranty

Easy to remove for servicing


Our most popular package

All perks of the basic pack plus:

Biocide treatment for bird mites

Solar panel high-tech clean

(to maximise efficiency)

Guttering cleared professionally


The fully tailored package

Mix and match services

One-off or routine servicing

Cleaning and maintenance

Solar panel installation

Roof repairs, pest control & more

Contact Us

Contact our friendly team on 0800 088 6392 or use the contact form below

All our quotes are free and completely obligation-free

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    Pigeon Proofing Solar Panel Company

    Direct Solar Care was the first company for solar panel pigeon proofing in the UK. That means we have the most experience and can do the best work, alongside other exclusive benefits to our solar panel pigeon proofing service, outlined in the “Why Go Direct?” section above.

    Since we started to pest-proof solar panels, several copycat companies have emerged, at least one of which was a direct copy of our website stolen by a former employee, who was let go due to continuously low-quality work. We even had an issue once with a company offering vastly cheaper pest proofing, due to not paying VAT, which the police have now dealt with. We always pay VAT, our VAT number is 334579185. We now offer a Best Price Promise to all customers, so that if you get a cheap price from one of our copycat competitors, you can still enjoy the unique benefits of our company. As inventors of the industry, we are years ahead in terms of customer service, quality of work, speed of delivery, and because of that, our customers are always satisfied and that shows in our reviews. If you would prefer to use another company, we respect your choice. It is worth remembering that we are always here if your panels are not properly pest-proofed and need to be done professionally. We have been asked to redo other companies’ solar array pest-proofing before, and where possible we do this at a reduced price because we understand that nobody wants to pay for something twice when it should have been done right the first time.

    Solar Panel Pigeon Protection In The United Kingdom

    When you need solar panel pigeon protection, come to Direct Solar Care for the best service. Since inventing the industry, we have remained the best because we have learned the subtle technical differences that protect your solar panels against pigeons and other pests more reliably and for much longer. All our solar panel pest protection installations come with a free 10-year warranty because we know our solar panel pest guards last well over 10 years.

    If you get pigeons under solar panels again within 10 years, our experts will return free of charge, humanely removing pigeons under solar panels and ensure they stay out. In our 18+ years in the industry, over thousands of installations, this has happened twice.

    Because we offer a humane solar panel pigeon proofing service, our solar panel pigeon protection service protects both your panels and the animals living under solar panels. We never shoot and kill birds under solar panels or use solar panel bird spikes to kill birds on your roof, which some competitors do. We use approved humane methods to safely remove pests under solar panels so that they can carry on living somewhere they do not annoy you. This can include moving bird nests too.

    Protecting solar panels is important and protecting the environment is too. As a solar services company, all our staff love protecting the environment. Whether it’s by using solar energy instead of fossil fuels or letting pigeons live when others would kill them, it is our duty to protect our planet.

    Bird Proofing Solar Panels

    Our solar panel pigeon proofing service is not just for pigeons. We bird-proof solar panels using the same bird-proofing solar panels techniques as we do for pigeons. The special steel mesh is impossible for any bird to get past, forming a solar panel bird barrier that is both strong and almost invisible from the ground.

    Be careful falling for getting solid solar panel bird guards, which are often black, and some people think to look nicer from the ground. Because those bird guards for solar panels do not let water or any built-up leaves or other mess through, over time they can cause issues such as waterlogging and can also turn your solar panels into a fire hazard if the wiring gets surrounded by built-up twigs.

    Those companies keep coming back to clear the built-up debris, at your expense, which is a problem you will never have with our solar panel proofing techniques. So, if you need solar panel dove proofing, solar panel crow proofing, or solar panel proofing for any other bird species, get in touch and get the best price for the best quality service. The cost to pigeon-proof solar panels is always worth it, to reclaim your home from the invading pests.

    Pest Proofing Solar Panels

    Although the most common pests under solar panels are pigeons or birds, other pests can get under solar panels. Our solar panel pest proofing service removes and excludes all pests, including things such as a pigeon’s nest or nesting material. The most common non-bird pest removed from solar panels is the squirrel.

    Although they cannot fly, squirrels are great climbers and have been known to begin nesting under solar panels on roofs. If you get squirrels under solar panels, get in touch and we will remove the pests and make your solar panels squirrel proof.

    If your solar panels are on the ground, you can get several other pests under solar panels. The most common ground pests under solar panels are rats but do not worry, we can easily apply solar panel rat-proofing using a similar technique to our roof solar panel protection.

    For solar farms, we are sometimes asked to do solar panel sheep proofing, if the solar panels share the land with farm animals. Animals such as sheep can also damage and be damaged by solar panels unless they are properly pest proofed, so get in touch now to avoid the problem getting out of control.

    Pigeon Proof Solar Panels

    Pigeon-proof solar panels, and pest-proof solar panels in general, have distinct advantages over solar arrays that do not have any protection. When we pigeon-proof solar arrays, we stop pigeons from being able to eat wiring, which can cause expensive damage to your solar system, electrical supply and often kills the pests that touch the live wires. Pest-proofing solar panels will save you money in the long run.

    However, the main reason our customers want their solar panels pigeon-proofed is to stop the pests from nesting under solar panels, creating more noise, mess, and potential for bird mites each month as more birds are hatched. We have seen solar panel bird infestations with hundreds of pigeons under solar panels. We get rid of pigeons under solar panels, whether there is one or one million, all for the same price (the best price on the market, because of our Best Price Promise).

    Solar Panel Proofing Kit

    The solar panel proofing kit we use to carry out the work involves a variety of safety gear. This includes roof access equipment, solar panel bird mesh (also known as solar panel bird guards or solar panel bird netting), and solar panel bird mesh clips. We also use the usual electricians’ tools, our British Pest Control Association membership, and our advanced solar panel cleaning equipment to get rid of pigeon droppings (guano), all in one of our top-of-the-range (mostly new Mercedes Sprinter and Volkswagen Transporter) vans.

    We do not sell this equipment or advise DIY solar panel pigeon proofing. This is because it is not easy to install, is incredibly dangerous for the people (who can fall from the roof) and property (from roof tiles to electrical supply) involved, unless done by a certified professional. All our team members are qualified to work on roofs, with solar panels, and as humane pest control experts.

    If you need birds removed from under solar panels, and those birds and other pests kept from getting under your solar panels again, use the contact form on this page or call us on 0800 088 6392 to get the best for less, with a free quote and a long list of exclusive benefits that you can get cheaper than any quote you have received, with our Best Price Promise.


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    Sustain your sustainability


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