Solar Farm Cleaning and Ground Maintenance Services in Cambridgeshire

Solar Farm Cleaning and Ground Maintenance Services in Cambridgeshire


Cambridgeshire Solar Farm Cleaning and Ground Maintenance Services

For any cleaning services and maintenance of solar farm or solar park anywhere in Cambridgeshire, please call Direct Solar Care on 0800 088 6392 or submit your service request online. We will respond to your inquiry at a maximum of 2 hours but normally within 30 minutes.

We provide a full suite of panel cleaning and grounds maintenance services; all our processes focus on quality and efficiency. Our cleaning and maintenance operations are streamlined to give our clients time and cost-effective solutions. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients bringing them an exemplary service that meets all their maintenance requirements.

The number of solar farms across Cambridgeshire country is growing not only in terms of number as more and more companies invest in the production of solar energy. Thus, the need for efficient and cost effective solar farm cleaning and maintenance is more vital.

It is our goal at Direct Solar Care to help support the growing solar energy industry, specifically in the Cambridgeshire areas where we have seen an exponential increase in number of solar farms and parks in the country.

We offer complete, professional and efficient solar farm cleaning and ground maintenance services – typically, solar farm maintenance will involve the cutting of grass, removal of trees and trimming of hedges to keep them from interfering with the normal production and functionality of the panels.

Regular cutting of foliage such as grass, trees and hedges is important in the operations of a solar farm. This is to keep the farm looking neat and tidy and most importantly to prevent shade from causing a drop in the energy output of the panels.